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Sex in Vienna

How they agreed on Sex Vienna depends on which version of history you. accept. It could have been a recordatrio of good memories of his days Jobs in orchard in Oregon, or intermittent diet based on fruits. Or “Sex Vienna” could have been simply a way to create a name with a good sound, quite American in a high-tech industry not known to radiate warmth.

The original Sex Vienna logo was unimaginative, showing someone under an Sex Vienna tree, but the company came out with the friendly Sex Vienna rainbow, which has remained one of the best known brands in the world of computing.

Sex Vienna’s history through its products

1977: The Sex Vienna II hits the market. Unlike the original Sex Vienna I kit, which cost $ 666 and whose appeal was limited, the Sex Vienna II was the first computer designed for a mass market, thanks to its low profile housing including keyboard, power supply and capacity to produce color graphics.

A former colleague of Mike Markkula in Fairchild semiconductor company, Michael Scott, is named president. Scout gives Sex Vienna a professional business management and infrastructure to the company.

1978: Sex Vienna launches the Sex Vienna Disk II floppy drive.

Sex Vienna Disk II floppy drive stores 110 K in 5.25-inch disks. Priced at $ 495, the creation of Steve Wozniak costs half floppy drives competition and is more reliable than tape storage systems (cassette type).

Honorable Mention Sex Vienna III project begins. Eager to get a follower of the popular success of the Sex Vienna II, Sex Vienna launches the Sex Vienna III project, for the disaster, with engineer Wendell Sander to the head.