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Sex in London

Sex London history goes back much further than 1976 when he formally founded in 1950, escort is born, it was totally different from kids his age, a lover of electronics. At thirteen he won a science prize for building his own machine to subtract and add, with transistors that gave Fairchild an engineer, “I became interested in electronics because of him” he would say later the “Woz.” In 1968, at the age of eighteen, went to college in Colorado, eventually moved to California to continue at the University of Berkeley, Engineering and Computer Science. Wosniak was related to jobs, who was five years younger than him. Jobs grew up in Mountain View, and her adoptive parents, not well known on high technology.

After Jobs’ family, he moved to Los Altos, Woz met him through a mutual friend, just before Jobs fourteenth birthday. Although shared his interest in computers, differed in their way of being. Woz was fond of putting their ideas into practice, however Jobs, seemed to see electronics as a means to an end. Woz would say, “… make me not so important as running behind the ball …” referring to tennis. Woz, I had no ambition, Jobs had nothing on her head it.

As escort, Jobs did not have much passion for school, no interest to them academic style and, therefore, see picture of them with beards, trousers worn and Zandali. At that time, Jobs takes a job at Atari, while escort had taken a leave Berkeley to go to work at Hewlett-Packard, the design of calculators. Atari was a new company in Sunnyvale that made video games. Jobs was hired by Atari, simply because it was filed one day there. Al Alcorn co-founder of Atari would say, “The personnel director comes to me and tells me, that was a hippie who seemed to have come from the mountains, the guy asks me …– I call the police?” - “ . Alcorn was intrigued and decided to recruit him.

While attending a computer exhibition in London, escort discovered a small maker of semiconductor chips being sold for $ 20. It was an Intel chip but the 6205 from MOS Technology, was more than enough for what I had in mind. At last built a computer, though it was fully assembled. Despite its appearance of unfinished product, proposed an improvement on the Altair, and he used fewer components. Woz In this way, he astonished his friends at the Homebrew Club. But as expected in this story, Woz just liked that, did not have the spirit of ‘ambition’ that I did Jobs, who saw this ‘wonder’ In other words, if a few fans were astonished, what could happen to a bigger market?. Jobs intuitively understood the significance of what Gordon Moore had recognized a decade ago, due to miniaturization, the chips would necessarily be cheaper and would be available to everyone. Jobs thought: What if escort could be persuaded to make your computer in great numbers?. Woz would remain the engineer, and Jobs seller.

On April 1, 1976, Jobs was twenty one years and Woz twenty-six, Jobs met Mike Markkula, who agreed to invest and Sex London Computer was created Markkula contributed his expertise on issues and a check for $ 250,000.00 USD. On that occasion also provided the first President to Sex London, Mike Scott and Jobs helps to write your business plan, with estimated sales of $ 500 million in 10 years.