Medicare Annual Enrollment, is that important

2019 Medicare Annual Enrollment, is that important


Health providers provide different plans as insurance and this also includes employer plans that allow choosing coverage every year, but this is not required with Medicare supplement plans. Your Medicare coverage gets automatically renewed at each year starting, unless you do not change it. You simply can remain enrolled in your Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan.

If so, you may be interested to know why there is so much noise every fall about the Medicare supplement plans and the Medicare annual enrollment period.

Medicare Annual Enrollment

To comprehend why the period of Medicare annual enrollment is important, you must consider about your health, budget or lifestyle changes, if it has undergone any change from the time you picked the existing Medicare Plan? Any change in any of your areas may imply that your plan has to be change to fulfill your requirements. Thus, the Annual Enrollment Period is the only time you can change your plan, even if you decide to.


Annual enrollment matters based on the insurance companies reviews. They may consider adjusting annually their plans. They may change the costs or benefits aiming to serve their members or even to compete with business. In fact, your plan may appear different next year; the cost or coverage may have changes and may bring some unwelcome surprises, in case you allow the plan to renew without any review.

Medicare supplement plans created the Annual Enrollment Period aiming to give coverage suitably. Every year new Medicare plans are introduced and you can find a suitable plan fitting your requirement better than the one you have now, so it is worth shopping.

How to benefit with Medicare Annual Enrollment

Purchasing Medicare supplement plans is an important decision. The plan you choose has an impact on the health care you receive and that you pay for it.

There is a need to research for your coverage options of Medicare same as you do before buying any other major item. For instance, you may take a long time in buying a car, refrigerator or even a TV. Choosing Medicare supplement plans is also equally important, so spend valuable time.

3-step process can ease the shopping and comparing plans task

  • Consider your personal health needs, the coverage type to meet them.
  • Check your needs against the plan existing benefits. Do a review and assess if you get that you want.
  • Compare plans with other plans and view the benefits.

 Wrapping Up

Your Medicare coverage is important, take time and make an informed decision.