Great Snack Foods

Keeping a nicely stocked kitchen with great snack foods is essential basic happiness. Being happy means not being sick and not having to use your Medicare supplement plans. Here are some great food staples to always have in the house.


Tuna Fish

Whipping up a quick tuna fish sandwich is bar far one of the easiest and most healthy foods you can snack on. It has a fantastic shelf life since it’s sealed in a can and its compact size makes it easy to take with you on the go. Mix it with some mayo or mustard and eat plain or slap it on your favorite kind of bread to eat as a sandwich. You can even put it in some lettuce to make a nice lettuce wrap and skip the bread if you’d like. Fish is a fantastic source of healthy fats.


Almond Butter

Another source of very healthy fats, almond butter is delicious just like the peanut butter you are probably used to eating. You can dip veggies into it, put it on some bread with a little jam, or eat it straight out of the jar if you want. Careful with this one, you could actually end up eating the entire jar before you even know it, it’s just that good. Another great option is to throw a couple scoops of it into a smoothie or protein shake. It blends nicely, seeing as it’s a butter, and adds tremendous flavor to any combination of foods you might throw into your smoothie, particularly berries or bananas.

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Dark Chocolate

Yet another great source of healthy fats is dark chocolate. Aim for at least 70% cocoa, but spring for more like 85% if you can find it. The darker it is, the better, because there is relatively much less sugar in it than its milk chocolate counterparts, and relatively lower in carbs as well. Have a few squares if you’re on a strict diet and feel like satisfying your sweet tooth without going crazy and ruining all the hard work you put in on this diet.


These are all very simple and fairly inexpensive items to keep in your kitchen for some healthy snacking, or even to take on the road with you while you travel. Keep them stocked up and enjoy them between meals to keep you satisfied. Who knew that eating healthy could also actually taste so delicious?